Lisa Garrow
Lisa Garrow

Lisa Garrow

A Finance Assistant at Forth Valley College hopes Modern Apprenticeship (MA) Week 2017 (6-10 March) will inspire more young people to find out more about the innovative programme.

Lisa Garrow (26), from Alloa  - a former Business Administration MA at Forth Valley College’s Finance Department in the Falkirk Campus, said:

“I really enjoyed completing my MA as it was the first time I had worked in an office based environment and it was a great way to learn and develop the skills that I required to continue into this area of employment.

“Although there were elements of the MA that I knew how to do before starting, I was then able to enhance my knowledge and apply my skills to the office based environment where I had never worked previously.

“I would recommend completing an MA because as well as gaining experience you will gain a recognised qualification that will then be useful when gaining further employment.”

If you are interested in becoming an MA, please click here.


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