Lee Glen
Lee Glen in Computing lab

Lee Glen

Lee Glen (18) from Bathgate is ramming as much learning as possible into his time at Forth Valley College on his BSc Applied Computing integrated degree.

He said: “The computing department which is very good, and all are the lecturers are very kind and respectful and will explain to you in depth if you’re having trouble with your work.

“Originally, I applied for the HND course, but got offered a place on the integrated degree course instead. What mainly attracted me to the BSc course was the added tutorial course which involves learning quite in depth into Java, which is quite popular in the industry. Plus, the added fact that at the end of the second year you get a chance to go into the University of Stirling.

“The college has benefited me as now the way I write code is more professional and I’ve been creating a lot more reports for certain subjects that have been extensive with a lot of detail and I’ve got a wider knowledge on computing in general.

“Due to the course being an integrated degree, it’s means I go to the University of Stirling and I get a chance to do work experience relating to computing, to give myself a chance to see what I would like to do in the computing sector.

“I would recommend the course and the college because the amount of knowledge and work delivered is more than you would get in any other college. Most if not all of the staff are kind and respectful.

“The best bit for me was programming either in C++ or in Java, as it’s the most interesting part of the course due to the fact it’s challenging, but is fun at the same time. It also gives me an insight on how most programming languages are similar, but all have unique aspects to them.”

For more information visit https://www.forthvalley.ac.uk/courses/degrees/bsc-hons-applied-computing or call 01324 403000.


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