Laura Calder

Laura Calder
Laura Calder

Laura Calder, Forth Valley College’s Project Support Officer recently became one of the first cohort of staff to complete the innovative Leadership Development Programme.

She said: “My line manager James Aston suggested that I apply for the programme, which I did and became part of the first cohort of staff who were selected for the Leadership Development Programme in 2018. I was extremely honoured to be chosen to be part of this programme.

“The course was really interesting as there were a variety of short courses, workshops and external speaker sessions throughout.  I enjoyed meeting cross college staff members who are a great support network and allowed the sharing of good practice.

“As part of the course I was enrolled on a Level 9 (degree level) Management qualification where I met regularly with my assessor and we were also assigned a mentor whom I met monthly. It was a fantastic opportunity working and also gaining a qualification at the same time.

“Another highlight of the programme was that I got the opportunity to be part of the Graduate Apprenticeship at Heriot Watt where I am studying Masters of Art in Business Management. I am currently in my third year.

“Through the summer I also had the chance to secure a free place on the Master’s Level qualification for Project Management at Glasgow University. I feel very grateful to Forth Valley College for all the opportunities I have received and it has helped me gain confidence as well as providing underpinning knowledge about the college’s processes and practices.

“It has also encouraged me to think more reflectively and critically about the work I produce and to continually improve professionally through evaluation of my work. I have learned that continuing professional development is something I have really enjoyed and I feel I have gained skills and knowledge which will assist me in the future.

“The programme has also cemented the belief that I love being part of large scale projects which bring opportunities for significant change in the organisation.

“I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and I felt completely supported my manager, team, HR and my assessor and mentor throughout. I feel it has given me a greater understanding of the cross college processes. I would like to thank FVC for allowing me to be part of the programme and consider myself incredibly lucky to be an employee within FVC!”