Katarzyna Slapek
Katarzyna Slapek

Katarzyna Slapek

Katarzyna Slapek (32) from Falkirk, a HNC Fitness, Health and Exercise student has used her volunteering experience to land a job in one of the college gyms.

She said: “Taking classes as a volunteer in the Falkirk Campus gym helped me to gain experience as a fitness instructor and allowed me to gather the skills that are required to become a knowledgeable fitness industry professional.  As a volunteer I was able to demonstrate what I had already learned and I put this in to practice. Volunteering to take classes was great, it added to my CV, which for me turned to success when I applied for a job as a gym assistant.  

“The college offers a good support and advice system. It also has a variety of opportunities available while you are studying and gives you options after you finish your course.

“The facilities have everything you need for studying and as a health and fitness student, there was a good gym to train and practice what we learned. The lecturers are knowledgeable and I like their way off passing knowledge on to students. Every one of them has an individual style of teaching, which is great. I feel more confident with the knowledge I gathered and I have improved my English and met friends for life.

“FVC has helped me move on to the next step in my career by allowing me to be a volunteer, being active as a class representative and working as a gym assistant for FVC. This is where my industry career began.

“I would recommend the college as you get lots of help from lecturers and also from the support staff, who give you lots of advice on how to make studying easier. There is also all the equipment needed for effective studying.

“The best bit for me has been the very rewarding experience of becoming a gym assistant for FVC at the Falkirk campus. I have also received lots of trust and people believe in me.”


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