Izzac Fyall

Izzac Fyall
Izzac Fyall

Izzac Fyall (18) from Dollar, has progressed through a Foundation Apprenticeship onto the HND Accounting and is now calculating for a place at university.

He said: “I chose to study at Forth Valley College as it was near to where I live, which meant less traveling. Another reason was that while attending Alva Academy, they had set up direct links with the college, and through that route I started the Foundation Apprenticeships. Some fellow pupils and I got the opportunity to attend FVC and do the course/subject that we really wanted to do which in my case was Accounting. From this, I chose to stay with FVC as I had a good chance of progressing to the HND course due to my FA.

“The facilities in the College are great, with the Falkirk one having a huge library which allows for study in peace. There are also lots of materials at your disposal, and printers/laptops allowing for work online. The lecturers are also great, with each of them specialising in their own areas for which they teach. They are always helpful and can answer any questions you may have, without leaving you confused or less engaged.  The move to more remote/online learning through the lockdown has been hard for everyone, but the lecturers haven’t let that stop them from their excellent teaching. They have coped quite well with the big changes, and are mostly always available.

“Studying at the College has benefited me immensely, as it has allowed for me to focus on Accounting and understand it in greater depths. Whereas school is broad in its subjects, College is a lot more focused on more specific areas/subjects, which is why it’s great. As I have a keen interest in maths and business, studying at the College has allowed me to go down the Accounting route and learn more about what I’m interested in and enjoy.

“From the moment I started my FA, it gave me a step up on others by having more relevant experience and knowledge about the subject. Studying and completing a FA at the College and having this knowledge, allowed me to secure a place on the HND Accounting course, which upon completion, could allow me to find a good job or even progress onto second or third year of some university courses.

“I would definitely recommend the College to others interested in studying there as it’s engaging, the lecturers never let you down and always try to make classes interesting. They ensure nobody is confused, and there are also many facilities at your disposal, from gyms, to libraries and more. It also allows for you to get ahead of the game, with both knowledge and experience, which can most likely secure you good places at universities or employment.

“The best bit for me has been working with others who are also interested in the same subject, as it allows you all to work together and learn together in a positive atmosphere where everyone wants to be there. Another good part for me has been realizing that every time you are at the college, you know you are learning something that could directly impact your future and lead you towards your goal.

“I would recommend potential students to the College, as unlike university which is a huge jump straight from school, where you are thrown into the deep end without much help, it can prepare you. College is a bit like school, but with a lot more freedom, and can get you much more prepared for university or employment than just going straight into it.”

Summing up his experience at Forth Valley college in three words, Izzac, said: “Focused. Relevant. Engaging.”