Iwona Dylenska
Iwona Dylenska

Iwona Dylenska

Thanks to eagle eyed lecturers seventeen-year old Iwona Dylenska has conquered her dyslexia on the way to achieving her HND Business at Forth Valley College’s Alloa Campus.

“When I was in high school I knew I had difficulties with maths, but I thought it was just my lack of understanding the subject. When I first started studying accounting I took part in quite a few drop-in sessions for maths so I could become better at the subject,” said Iwona.

“The lecturer immediately realised that I was dyslexic. Although none of my teachers in high school noticed it, Anne the lecturer who organised the drop-ins made sure I spoke to the Learning Support team and to receive the help I needed. When she helped me figure out that it was dyslexia that was the issue not my understanding, I was able to work on overcoming it.”

The HND Business course is designed to develop entrepreneurial, organisational and personal skills including leadership, motivation and team working. Subjects studied provide a global understanding of business, marketing and consumer issues, while developing an understanding of core business issues.

As well as helping conquer her dyslexia, Forth Valley College has introduced Iwona to something that has really become her passion, weight lifting.

“One of the added advantages of studying here is the gym, it’s really good value and the instructors are really helpful. They’ve inspired me to take up weightlifting and I’m hoping one day to lift at the Olympics. I would never have imagined this before starting studying here,” she said.

“The college has enabled me to meet incredible individuals who are helping me get closer to my goals every day, whether this is in the classroom or in the gym.”

For more information call 01324 403000 or visit https://www.forthvalley.ac.uk/courses/business/hnd-business


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