Harry Chalmers
Harry Chalmers

Harry Chalmers

Harry Chalmers (19) from Larbert recommends Forth Valley Colleg’s Pre-Apprenticeship Course as the ideal way to help secure a full Modern Apprenticeship.

The teenager has taken off since completing his one year full-time course and is now flying high as an MA with Edinburgh Airport.

He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the pre-apprenticeship course at Forth Valley college as it gave me the insight on what the first year of an apprenticeship would be like. I gained very good practical and academic knowledge through this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

“Doing this course has been a huge stepping stone in my career as now I have managed to secure a full time technician apprenticeship working at Edinburgh Airport. The course has provided me and the nine others who were on it, a huge opportunity by helping us gain employment with a number of different companies. 

“The facilities provided at FVC are great, especially the engineering facilities. There are lots of modern workshops with high tech equipment which help give you an in-depth look at some aspects of engineering that you wouldn’t get at other colleges. The lecturers were all also very helpful and all were experienced in engineering, so they would have a lot of useful information.

“I would recommend this course as it gives you a great hands-on experience of what the world of engineering is like, and it also provides a great opportunity for going on to become a successful modern apprentice with a big company.

“Personally my favorite part of the course was towards the end when my course leader Lorraine Kerr, took us on a trip out to Edinburgh Airport to show us what it was like. When I went I was immediately really interested in this job and through this trip I managed to get an interview and then a position, so for me this was my highlight.

“I would advise new students to enjoy their time on the course as it is a great course to be a part off. But you also need to concentrate as you will learn a lot that will be a huge help if you do become an apprentice.”



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