Glen Kelly
Glen Kelly at Stirling Campus

Glen Kelly

Travel opportunities is one of the advantages of studying BA (Hons) Heritage and Tourism at Forth Valley College according to student Glen Kelly.

Glen (21) from Denny is studying the integrated degree course which will see him spend two years at FVC and his third and fourth years at the University of Stirling.

He said: “I like the transition aspect of the course. Going straight to university would have been a big step for me, going to the college first gives me a chance to get used to the workload and prepare me for university. I am glad I have experienced the college route as you basically gain a qualification every year.

“I love the Stirling Campus and the lecturers are really nice and supportive. I now feel in a better position than many people would be starting university in first year. I would quite definitely recommend the integrated degree programme, not just in this subject, as it prepares you for university.

“The best bit for me on the travel and tourism course has been the trips – especially to Inverness. We had to develop our team-working skills on these projects and again this has prepared me for working in groups at university.”

Glen also applied for and secured a study placement at the University of Alabama in Birmingham USA and travelled there in January 2018 for a four month period.

“It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I had the chance to study American History, Sport and Language.”

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