Gintare Savickiene
Gintare Savickiene

Gintare Savickiene

A university degree is the next step for Gintare Savickiene who has worked her way through three Forth Valley College Business courses.

Gintare (37) from Falkirk, left Lithuania for Falkirk in 2006 and took several random jobs, before realising that she would love to gain similar qualifications that she had completed in her homeland.

Since 2014 she has worked her way NC, HNC and HND Administration and IT qualifications and is now looking forward to starting a BA Business Studies course (at third year) at Napier University in Edinburgh.

If that wasn’t inspiration enough for potential new students, Gintare has managed to do all this while retaining two part-time jobs and bringing up her two children aged one and three years-old.

Gintare, said: “After I had my first child, I realised I did not just want to do the menial jobs I had been doing and wanted to do something to change my working life. I researched the sort of business course I would like to do and chose to apply to Forth Valley College as I had heard it had a good reputation.

“I found I really enjoyed my NC course and then have loved every year since right up to my HND which I am just finished this summer.

“Everyone is absolutely so helpful at the college and if you put the effort into your studies the lecturers will really encourage and support you. I would definitely recommend the course and the college.

“I even missed some classes as I was pregnant with my second child and my lecturers and classmates were so helpful and encouraging. If I can get through these courses having two jobs and having to deal with two young children and also only having English as my third language then anyone can do it.

“Forth Valley College has really boosted my confidence and I feel prepared me for my future career and university, especially the second and third years I have been here. The best bit for me was the workload. I loved having loads to do and working on big projects. There were times when I thought, I can’t do this, but after a wee break I found myself determined to get through it.

“I definitely hope to work in an admin or business environment. My ideal career would be working in the property industry as I love connecting with people and travelling.”

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