Gillian Stirling
Gillian Stirling - Hairdressing Lecturer

Gillian Stirling

Hairdressing Lecturer Gillian Stirling has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. 

Now based at the Falkirk Campus Salon she started at the College in 2009 and possesses the following qualifications: Hairdressing level 2 and 3, Assessor and Verifier awards, a CIPD in teaching practice and is currently working towards an advanced PDA.

Gillian, said: "I have worked with learners in the industry and workplace for 12 years, and have a total of 25 years in hairdressing. I started my career in a salon in Stirling and most recently worked at the well respected Cooper and Co. in Falkirk.

"I really believe that people should come to our campus salons as we offer a good service and professional products at a realistic cost."


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