Enija Zelmene
Enija Zelmene

Enija Zelmene

A recommendation from a relative led Enija Zelmene to make the 1800-mile journey from her home in Latvia, to study at Forth Valley College.

After researching the college online, the twenty year old was so impressed by the content on the BA Digital Media course, she decided to change her original plans to study filmmaking, to focus on the integrated digital course.

“The digital media course offers not only a practical study environment at the college, but it also has a wide range of different media subjects included like, radio, journalism and photography. This meant I could learn to make my own film, but would learn other skills that would make me highly employable after graduation,” said Enija.  

“Since coming here I have only been impressed with the quality of the facilities, they are so new and very spacious. I honestly could not ask for better lecturers, they are always supportive, extraordinarily clever and with massive experience in their field. They are inspiring role models, but also treat the students as equals.”

The integrated degree programme attracted her, as it seemed the perfect balance between practical application and theory.

The programme combines the technological and media-oriented, digital skills of Forth Valley's HND programme with advanced academic instruction from the University of Stirling.

“For two years I have had a chance to obtain hands on experience on equipment and editing programmes to create my own industry standard projects as part of my HND,” she said.

“Now with that acquired knowledge, I get to move on to university to improve my skills with theory based teaching for the next two years before finally graduating.”

Enija feels lucky she has worked with such a talented team, and that the staff work so hard to extend learning beyond just the course content. 

“The college has introduced me to people who are some of the most creative and imaginative individuals I know,” she said.

“One of things I really enjoy about being here is that staff are always seeking new opportunities outside the college that could help students improve their skills and obtain industry based experience. Thanks to this, I got a chance to work with the Tolbooth venue in Stirling to help them develop a project. It was an amazing experience that was just as enjoyable as it was educational.”

The course has helped Enija open her eyes to the career she wants to pursue in the future.

“I would recommend this course to people interested in the media sector as it helps you see beyond your horizons, challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, teaches you how to successfully work in a team and motivates you to develop your own independent ideas and projects.

"As you get to try out so many different media job roles, you really get a chance to understand what you like and what are you talented in," she added.

For more information call 01324 403000 or visit https://www.forthvalley.ac.uk/courses/degrees/ba-hons-digital-media 



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