Emma Divers
Emma Divers

Emma Divers

Emma Divers (26) is in the second year of her BSc in Applied Biological Sciences integrated degree course.

“I chose to study at Forth Valley College as the course provided fantastic opportunities for me. After going to the university open day and finding out more about the course, it shows how fortunate we are to be in the position we’re in.

“The lecturers at FVC are amazing. In particular, Parvin Morrissey. She is such a lovely person and her teaching methods are diverse, so she can meet everyone’s needs. I had James Roebuck the year before and I’m pretty sure it was his first-year teaching, but you wouldn’t have known. I had never done any chemistry before and my grades were a million times better than I would have ever expected, thanks to him.

“The opportunities available were the things that attracted me to the integrated degree programme. I didn’t really see how vast they were until we attended the university open day at Stirling. The lecturers explained what we can expect in our third and fourth years, from lab work to experience within the industry. They showed how previous students have progressed from the course, and the help they provided along the way to help them to achieve what they were looking for.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of studying at the college so far. The lecturers are amazing, they’re always there for any additional support. The trips and talks on a Tuesday, have given us a good understanding of different jobs within the industry and what we can expect if we worked in certain labs that we’ve visited.

“Some of the topics that we have studied have also sparked my interested and perhaps showed me that there are various different paths that I would consider going down. I also volunteered last year, helping out with the evening classes for the STEM club and I still continue to go to any trips at schools. The college is already providing me with a huge amount of experience that I can put on my CV to further improve my chances of employability.

“I can only talk for the science department of course, but if anyone wanted to do a degree in science, I can’t see anything better anywhere else than Forth Valley College’s integrated degree with the University of Stirling. There are so many more benefits in this course that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I think people will be more sought after once qualifying, after gaining the amount of experience the college and university integrated degree offers to them.

“I had no science background whatsoever, so I came back to education and was flung into higher level units. I knew it was always going to be a challenge, but the time the lecturers had for me was amazing. There was always a very clear plan from all the lecturers that they wanted every student to be successful. It’s way more encouraging to be studying in that sort of environment. As for the Applied Sciences Curriculum Manager Fiona Jackson, she’s been amazing for me too. I had quite a few difficulties with my health in my first year, and the extra support offered helped me immensely. It’s just a really amazing department, filled with amazing people.”



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