Emma Crowe
Emma Crowe

Emma Crowe

Emma Crowe was sold on studying Early Education and Childcare courses at Forth Valley College after hearing of the College’s high success rate.

Emma (22) from Alloa completed a NC Early Learning and Childcare in June 2019 and moved on to a HNC Childhood Practice which she finished in June 2020.

Now qualified Emma has accepted role with Clackmannanshire Council as a full time Early Years Educator.

She, said: “I chose to study at forth valley college as it is local to me, but I had also read about the high volume of students graduating from there and going on to successful jobs or further education.

“The facilities provided at Forth Valley College are fantastic and help to ensure you get the most out of your learning, such as the library with endless books to help with your studies and the technology and computers available to all students is second to none.

“There is also a lot of support for things such as mental health and learning and development provided throughout your time there. The lecturers are fantastic at what they do, they are so knowledgeable and do their best to provide their students within depth and knowledge and understanding, which they will use throughout their careers.

“They are also supportive and friendly and they go that extra mile to ensure you are coping well and are there to support you if you need any help. If they can’t provide a certain type of support, they will direct you to the best people that can. I could not fault the facilities or the lecturers at Forth Valley College.

“The experience I have gained at Forth Valley College has benefitted me greatly, throughout my courses. I also attended a placement set up by the College and this allowed me to go out and actually do the job that I was studying for. It allowed me to fully understand what was required to be able to carry out the role.

“This also allowed employers to get to know me as a person and a worker and therefore set me up on good ground to seek employment. The teaching at the College is also fantastic and is taught in a way that suits everyone. This benefitted me as it ensured that I was understanding and gaining knowledge throughout my studies, therefore also making me more attractive to employers.

“Without FVC I would not be able to be do the job I love and enjoy. They have provided me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a successful early years educator with a fantastic employer. As I loved studying at FVC I am now looking to develop my studies and do my university degree in Early Childhood and the College has provided me with the support to do this.

“I would recommend FVC to others as it is one of the top colleges in Scotland. They understand the support their students need throughout their time there and they provide that support. The lecturers and all support staff are welcoming, caring, and fantastic at what they do. I really am glad I didn’t go anywhere else.

“The best part of being at Forth Valley College was meeting new friends. Throughout your course you go through highs and lows and need friends to give you that push to keep going with the hard work that is required. At the end of the year getting my HNC qualification was brilliant, and I really couldn’t have done it without the other people in my class and the lecturers that provide you with the knowledge that they do.”

Summing up her experience in three words, Emma said: “Interesting, determination and fun.”


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