David Crossley
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David Crossley

David J Crossley (49) from Stirling is a self-employed airbrush artist and clothes designer, running his own business called @ Crossley Custom Inc

He, said: “I started as a volunteer with employability help with a focus on work programme initiatives. The College is a great place to visit and to study, as it’s welcoming and has a brilliant atmosphere to study in. The lecturers are very supportive and friendly.

“The experience of studying at the College benefited me as I found it enlightens and as a mature student it helped my confidence. The College has helped me move on to the next step in my career as helping to support students, has given me the confidence to move forward with my own business. This has taught me that it is possible to change career even later on in life.

“I would recommend the College to anyone who was looking to study as it has so much to offer those looking for a brighter future. The best bit for me was knowing that I could help and support others. I also found that it’s OK to ask for support.”

Summing up his Forth Valley College experience in three words, David, said: “CERCA TROVA (he who seeks shall find).”


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