Connor Stewart
Connor Stewart in class

Connor Stewart

Connor Stewart (19) from Port of Mentieth, Stirlingshire, is loading up on knowledge on the BSc (Hons) Applied Computing integrated degree at Forth Valley College.

Connor, who will progress to the University of Stirling to complete his qualification after two years at FVC, said: “I chose to study at Forth Valley College because it offered Applied Computing which focused on what I love the most - practical tasks instead of a more theory focused course. I love having the dual screen computers to work with in the classrooms.

“To be honest the integrated part of the degree didn’t make much of a difference on my decision, but it is nice to have a set path to follow through college/university education.

“Studying at the college has benefited me a great deal. I used to have plenty of ideas but didn’t have the necessary programming skills to implement them. The college has given me a great base on coding, allowing me to understand other resources like tutorial sites on the internet etc. I feel like this has allowed me to increase my programming skills exponentially over the past year and a half.

“The college has helped me by having lecturers like Susan Gardner - who have a lot of experience in the computing field - helping us, as a class, get to know what it’s really like when we do begin a career in computing.

“It’s been fun meeting new people, talking to lecturers who have more specialist knowledge about computing, compared to a high school teacher for example. But, I would have to say the best bit for me has to be the programming practical tasks, because I feel like they always gave me something interesting to do and think about.

“I would absolutely recommend the college to anyone interested in programming.”

Anyone looking for more information on the integrated degrees should call 01324 403000.



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