ChloeRose McFarlane
Chloe McFarlane

ChloeRose McFarlane

ChloeRose McFarlane (17) from Denny is flourishing in her Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services, Children and Young People at Forth Valley College.

She said: “I chose to study at Forth Valley College because after discussions with my teachers I knew that this would be a good path for me to follow, as I already had my exact career plan set out in my head.

“The lectures at the college are all friendly and approachable to ask questions to. The lecturer that I have had the privilege of having for the last two years - Barbara Johnstone - has been amazing and helped me every step of the way, including building my confidence and shaping me to be the young woman I am today.

“I feel that through my experience of studying at the college it has benefited me,  not just through all my work at college but in the work placement as well. It has shown and proved to me that this is the career that I want to go and do.

“Through my course I will be able to move onto the HNC course and if I am successful in completing this, I will be able to go out into the workplace and be an Early Year's practitioner. This is something I don’t think I would have been able to do, without being on the Foundation Apprenticeship.

“I would 100 per cent recommend the college to other people especially those who are looking to go down the childcare route. You get to learn so much, not only about the children, but you learn a lot about yourself and it lets you build on all your weaknesses and make them into your strengths. It also gives you a lot of hands on experience in the career route that you want to go on and do.

“The best bit for me has to be my class, we all work so well together and everyone is there for each other. The support I get from these guys and my lecturer is amazing and has helped me build on my confidence. I see a difference in myself from the person I started the course as."

Summing up your experience at Forth Valley College in three words ChloeRose, said: “Amazing, brilliant, and fantastic!”


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