Chandelle Waugh
Chandelle Waugh

Chandelle Waugh

What started with a foundation art course at Forth Valley College has evolved into a place on a degree course at the prestigious and world-renowned Glasgow School of Art.

After leaving school early and becoming subsequently homeless, Chandelle Waugh (20) was desperate to find some direction in her life.

Chandelle said: I had a difficult time at high school and left at 15. I needed a subject I would excel in to increase my confidence. Forth Valley was my local college and offered a variety of foundation courses, I chose to study NC Art and Design and I then went on to study a portfolio class and soon returned to study for an HND in Contemporary Art.

“The Stirling campus facilities are amazing, the studios are very light and airy and allow a lot of room for experimentation. The views are phenomenal and spark lots of inspiration. The workshop and print room have incredible equipment and many of the lecturers have a diverse range of skills to help you explore your creativity.”

Chandelle said that her career at the college has provided her with much needed stability in her life.

“Studying art at the college has improved my attitude towards life and provided me with the skills and the inspiration to create a career path for myself.

“I would never have been in position to even dream of getting into a prestigious art school without the support and encouragement I have had through the college. Many of my projects from my course helped create a unique and memorable portfolio that gained me entry into third year Sculpture and Environmental at Glasgow School of Art,” she said.

“Forth Valley has been a stepping-stone in my education; it is a very open environment to express your creativity and find yourself as an artist. The lecturers and technicians provide outstanding support and will go the extra mile to help you achieve what you want.”

According to Chandelle her experience at Forth Valley has opened her up to the world of three-dimensional art.

“I think the best part of my time studying at FVC was discovering my love and talent for sculpture. Coming into the college only knowing my ability of drawing and painting and leaving creating unique and thought provoking sculptures that enable me to express my feelings through my work.”

She added “My whole experience at the college has been inspirational, challenging and metamorphic.”

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