Barry Frame
Barry Frame - HND Sound Production

Barry Frame

Barry Frame (31) from Denny has gone on a fantastic academic journey since graduating with an HND Sound Production in June 2013.

He created his own firm called The Audio Clinic Limited and works in a Managing Director role running BAR 209, a popular night spot near where he lives.

Barry, said: “I chose Forth Valley College as I had heard great things about their sound department and the lecturers who taught there. During my time at the College I had the benefit of using two completely different studio setups – one at Falkirk Campus and the other at the Stirling Campus. Falkirk Campus was more old school in that the technology was older, but still sounded great. You had to connect a lot of cables and equipment in order to achieve what you wanted. This gave me and others a great understanding of a studio environment.

“We then moved to the Stirling Campus during my HND year and found the new studios there absolutely incredible. The equipment was new, the sound was incredible and the workflow was much more manageable. I am glad that I had the opportunity to use both studios as it made me appreciate technology.

“The lecturers were very supportive during my studies. I found that they all had a wealth of knowledge and experience and were always willing to help you. Although I left the College three years ago, I can still contact anyone there in the knowledge that they would help me out if they could.

“Studying at College has benefited me greatly, as it gave me a chance to network with like-minded individuals. It also gave me the skills and resources to further my sound production knowledge and also helped me gain a qualification which enabled me to attend university at a higher level to do my honours degree and my masters.

“The College instilled in me the professionalism and attitude to help get my career moving in both the music and film industry and other business ventures. I would recommend this College and course to anyone as I feel the course is well presented and taught and furthermore gives you the skills required to get on in the world. The lecturers are also a great resource themselves, as they are able to pass on advice based on their own industry experience.

“The best bit for me was post-production which I thought was very rewarding for me, as it was something that I was not very familiar with. However, I took a great shine to it and was keen to do it.”


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