Renewable and Energy Efficiency Training Centre

Forth Valley College has been chosen as one of nine colleges across Scotland to host new specialist renewables training centres.

With a surge in demand for renewable energy, the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) has established a network of Renewable & Energy Efficiency Training Centres, including one at the College’s Falkirk Campus following a £500,000 funding boost from SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund.

The project has supported significant capital investment in renewable and energy efficiency training equipment, staff training and continuing professional development in current and emerging technologies, as well as supporting overall curriculum development.

The development of this project has cemented key industry partnerships for the College positioning them at the forefront of training for the future renewables and energy efficiency workforce in Scotland.

Training will focus on the fitting and maintenance of solar, thermal and photovoltaic equipment, along with air and ground source heat pumps.

This specialist renewable equipment will help deliver energy efficiency training to plumbing and construction Modern Apprentices.

By training more skilled Renewable and Energy Efficient engineers the College is contributing positively to helping the Scottish Government reach its carbon reduction targets. The project will help move more homes and offices onto renewable energy heating systems more quickly while creating skilled, high value jobs to plug skills gaps in the energy sector.

Find out more about our new Renewable and Energy Efficiency Training Centre here