College Transformation

Forth Valley College has announced a comprehensive Transformation plan to ensure they can achieve their 2030 vision and to deliver the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Within this page, you will find all the latest news and updates. 

News release - Thursday 12 May 2022

Forth Valley College has announced a comprehensive Transformation plan to ensure they can achieve their 2030 vision and to deliver the best possible learning experiences for their students.

The plan is also line with the newly approved Strategic Plan for 2022-25 which reflects both the changing external environment following the pandemic and the challenging financial environment facing the further education in Scotland.

In light of financial challenges related to a reduction in the College sector’s core funding allocation from the Scottish Funding Council, the College has been scenario planning over the past few months to ensure a sustainable future and minimise the impact of any necessary changes on their workforce.

However, taking the indicative national funding allocation for 2022/23, along with the impact on the economy of Brexit and recovery from COVID-19 into account, it will simply not be possible to sustain current operating costs and structures. This means that substantial savings need to be made to protect the College’s financial security and ensure the organisation is viable, financially sustainable and can continue to deliver for their students and stakeholders.

The College launched a Voluntary Severance Scheme in February to help shape considerations around final structures. 

This week (Monday 9 May), they have now proposed a number of key measures as part of a 30 day consultation:

  • The reshaping of four teaching departments into three – but retaining the College’s overall curriculum delivery
  • The withdrawal of FVC presence at the Raploch Community Campus in Stirling
  • The scaling down of refectory services at FVC’s Alloa Campus
  • Restructuring of a number of corporate services teams
  • A relaunch of the College wide Voluntary Severance Scheme

A staff consultation paper was issued which provided further details on the background to any decision making and plans for the future and a series of Principal’s Briefings was announced for staff to attend to find out more and ask questions. Staff have also been offered support and advice should they need more information.

Restructuring, reshaping and transformation of the College structure may allow for some staff to be offered alternative roles within the organisation and it is understood that the measures taken have managed to secure FVC’s financial security. However, there unfortunately may be a small number of staff where alternative employment is not available – this is currently less than four posts.

All colleagues who are directly impacted by the consultation have been informed and plans are in place to offer a further period of time for staff to apply for vacancies or Voluntary Severance.

Professor Ken Thomson OBE, Principal of Forth Valley College, said: “This has not been an easy decision, particularly as we have all gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic. My Senior Management Team have been working through a number of scenarios since late last year based on SFC assumptions, so we do have an evidence based position to support our decision making to ensure our financial security.  

“As an organisation at the forefront of the regional economic recovery, we have to reform, reshape and rebuild our current delivery model. We must also focus on core business activities to reduce operational costs which includes stopping, reducing or doing differently, our current level of specific services to make the required savings. 

“We need to continually evolve to ensure we are delivering the right learning in the right place at the right time under our mission for ‘Making Learning Work’.  We have a clear strategic vision for 2030, a new Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025, and a developing role as a lead anchor institution in social and economic recovery following the pandemic. 

 “We recognise that any change can be challenging and there will be concerns over the impact this may have on individuals. However, we are committed to managing this process in consultation with staff, with an aim to support the security and long-term future for Forth Valley College.

“We will support our colleagues throughout this difficult time.”

Transformation FAQ

Courses which may be impacted by the consultation are outlined below:

Business & Communities

  • FAA2S/FK - FA in Accountancy
  • FAAFS/FK - FA in Accountancy (Fast Track)
  • HDBS1/AL - HND Business (Year 1)
  • YCPFE/FK/AL - Preparation for Employment - Construction
  • MHPMF/ST - Moving Forward

Creative Industries, Hospitality & Tourism 

  • HDBT1/FK - HND Beauty Therapy (B Group)
  • YCBCMU/RL - NC Beauty Care & Make-Up
  • YCG2H1/RL - C&G Cert in Hairdressing SVQ (Level 2)
  • YCG2H2/RL - C&G Cert in Hairdressing SVQ Year 2 (Level 2)
  • YCG2H3/RL - C&G Cert in Hairdressing SVQ (Level 3)
  • YCMUA/RL - NC Make-up Artistry
  • YCEV/ST - NQ Events
  • HDP1/ST - Photography
  • YCACA/AL - Access to Creative Industries 

Care, Sport & Construction

  • NPA45CCTS/FK - NPA Construction Craft & Technician (C) (Schools)
  • NPA45CCTS/ST - NPA Construction Craft & Technician (B) (Schools)
  • FACE1S/FK - FA in Civil Engineering (Schools) Yr 1
  • FACE2S/ST - FA in Civil Engineering (Schools) Yr 2
  • SFSS/AL - Sport & Fitness Studies (Schools)
  • NCSMC3/AL - SVQ Service Maintain & Comm Building Eng Serv (Lev 3) Yr 3
  • YCHSCA/ST - SVQ Health & Social Care (Adults) Level 3

Engineering & Science

  • YCEE/AL - YCET/YCEE offering NC Engineering Systems - Renewables 

If plans go ahead, we will discuss options with continuing students or new applicants to these courses and we will also offer a full range of support.